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Clear Apostasy!

Author: Shaykh 'Abdul-Latif Al ash-Shaykh
Source: Ad-Durar as-Saniyyah 

What has come in the Quran regarding the prohibition of, and its severity in relation to it, befriending and allying with the disbelievers is evidence that the foundation of all the foundations (asl al-usul) will not stand and not be established except by cutting off relations with the enemies of Allah, waging war and jihad against them, disassociating from them, and seeking to gain closeness to Allah through abhorring them and censuring them. Because He (ta‘ala) said the joining of loyalties is between the believers and informed that those who disbelieve are allies of one another. He said,

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From the Lesser Jihad to the Greatest Jihad

Author: Shaykhul-Islam ibn Taymiyyah
Source: Al-Furqan bayna Awliya ar-Rahman wa Awliya ash-Shaytan 

As for the hadith that some of them narrate that the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said in regard to the military expedition of Tabuk, “We have returned from the lesser jihad to the greatest jihad,” then this has no basis.

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The Evil Scholars

Author: Imam ibn Rajab
Source: N/A 

Know, that craving after status and position inevitably causes great harm before its attainment due to the striving necessary to attain it, and also afterwards due to the person’s strong desire to hold onto it which produces injustice, haughtiness, and other evils. Abu Bakr al-Ajurri, who was one of the wise scholars and teachers at the start of the fourth century, wrote a treatise about the manners and the sentiments of the scholars, and it is one of the best works on this topic. One who studies it will know from it the way of the scholars of the Salaf, and will know the innovated ways that contradicts their path. He describes the evil scholar at length, from this description is that:

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Keep Them as They Are Without Describing How

A Brief Translation of Two Passages from Two Well-Known Scholars of the Sunnah: Imam Abu ‘Isa at-Tirmidhi and Imam Abu Muhammad al-Baghawi, Regarding an Important Princple in Relation to the Attributes of Allah

Source: Al-Jami’ al-Kabir, v. 2, pp. 42-3, Dar al-Gharab al-Islami; Tafsir al-Baghawi, v. 3, pp. 235-6, Dar Tayyibah 

Translated by: Ahlut-Tawhid Publications

Date: Rabi’ al-Awwal 1441 AH 

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Abolishing the Actions of Shirk

Source: Editorial, An-Naba, no. 155

The Islamic State is locked into in its wars against the enemies of Allah from the kuffar, mushrikin, and murtaddin on a multitude of levels: creed, military, media. And the most important of these types of wars is the war of ‘aqidah in which the soldiers of the Khilafah strive for the establishment and realization of the tawhid of Allah (ta‘ala), to disseminate it, and having animosity to those who wage war on it and those who reject it – while the Crusaders and other kuffar and murtaddin seek to spread shirk, establish it, and entangle the people with it.

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The Khilafah and the Spread of Knowledge

Source: Op-Ed, From Dabiq To Rome, no. 36

With the name of Allah, the Owner and Bestower of mercy, we begin. All praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of al-‘alamin; and may the salah and salam [of Allah] be upon the imam of al-mujahidin, Muhammad ibn ‘Abdillah, and upon his family, his companions, and those who follow him. As for what follows…

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